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Futaba 32MZ 2.4GHz FASSTest 18Ch Radio System / R7108SB (Helicopter)


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This is the heli version which will default to helicopter settings
when powered up.


FASSTest bidirectional communication system with a maximum 18
channels (linear 16 channels + switch 2 channels) 2.4GHz dedicated
Multiprop function (requires separately sold MPDX-1 Multiprop
Decoder) divides one channel into eight channels, up to two
MPDX-1 decoders can be used allowing up to 32 channels
S.Bus2 system allows multiple servos, gyros and telemetry sensors
to be installed with minumum cables
R7108SB S.Bus2 Dual Antenna Diversity receiver with bi-directional
HVGA (640×240 pixels) full color backlit LCD touch screen with
color LCD sub display that displays telemetry info separately from
main display
Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7 offers valuable resources and
outstanding dependability
Voice recording stores up to 24 voice files for commands assigned to
specific switches
Dual ball bearing stick support and new magnetic detection noncontact
potentiometers enable more precise control
System plays WMA (Windows Media Audio) files on a microSD card


Futaba 32MZ 2.4GHz FASSTest 18ch Radio System, Heli Version with
Smooth Throttle
LT1F6600B 6600mAh Lithium Polymer Transmitter Battery
R7108SB Receiver
Switch Harness
Tool Box
Neck Strap
Transmitter Case


Servos of modeler’s choice


Operating System: 2-stick, 18 channels, 2.4GHz FASSTest/
Power Supply: 3.8V L16600B lithium polymer battery
RF Power Output: 100mW EIRP
Weight 2.48lbs (1126g) with battery
Dimensions, L, W, H: 0.98 x 1.8 x 0.56″ (24.9 x 47.3 x 14.3mm)
Weight: 0.42oz (12g)
Power Requirement: 6.6V LiFe battery
Current Drain: 75mA
RF Power Output: 25mW EIRP


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