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We Cover Small and Large Scale Models

We Cover Small and Large Scale Models

Precision Cut Kits has been in business for 28 years now. The company has an extensive product catalog, with many accessories to choose from. Right from small-scale models to large-scale ones, we cover everything.

Meet The Owner

I am Patrick Wallace, and I took over Precision Cut Kits in August 2018. I have owned and managed Solo Props, LLC for five years. Precision Cut Kits is part of Solo Props now. Solo Props manufactures ground adjustable propellers.

I have also worked as a draftsman for five years, and have taken care of a significant franchise hobby shop for four years.

I hold an Associate’s Degree in Industrial Design Technology, and also an FAA Mechanics A&P license.

With all these experiences that I have accumulated over the years, I know what it means to help others find the right product, and at Precision Cut Kits, I try to do just that.

Contact me to more about my business.



What is included in my laserline kit?

Precision Cut Kits (PCK) laser-line full wood kits contain all the wood (including sheeting) required to build the complete airframe. This also includes wing, stab, elevator and rudder tip-blocks as required. Tail cone, nosecone, hardwood mounts etc.

  • PCK laserline “short kits” contain only the wood template parts shown on the plans. Sheeting, strip-stock, blocks, hardwood mounts, etc. are not provided.
  • PCK laserline replacement wing kits contain all the wood including sheeting required to build a complete replacement wing.
  • PCK fiberglass fuse kits provide the wing, stabilizer, elevators, rudder , and appropriate fuse formers for the fiberglass fuselages available from some of the designers. We do not provide the fiberglass fuse.
  • Please note: FG fuse kits are not interchangeable with regular kits.

Do you sell plans and/or accessories?

Yes, we sell plans and accessories for three copyrights that we own. This includes - Don Smith Plans, Palmer Plans, and Pro-line Aerobatic Aircraft. The plans and accessories are all listed on their pages that you can access by clicking on the links on the left hand side of this page.

We do not sell plans and/or accessories for our other laserline kits. You would get them from the kit’s designers.

Is there an instruction booklet?

Most laserline kits do not contain an instruction booklet. Don Smith Plans also do not contain instruction booklets. Palmer Plans, Pro-line Aeorbatic Aircraft, Ziroli, and Bates do provide instructions with the purchase of their plans.

What kind of wood do you use?

All the wood parts in your kit will be cut from the specific type and Grade Balsa or ply that the designer indicated on the plans. We use only AAA Grade Balsa and A/A Grade birch (aircraft), or poplar (lite) ply.

I want to enlarge/reduce my plans. Can you do this, and can you cut a kit for me?

Yes and no. Yes, we can enlarge or reduce your plans for you, but no, we will not cut a reduced or enlarged kit for you. Because of the problems we have encountered in the past with distortion and parts fit, we do not cut from any altered plans, except those offered as part of the standard repertoire of the designer. Similarly, we do not cut kits created by individuals in auto-cad or corel draw.

What is the requirement to get a kit cut that is not listed on your website?

We only cut what we have listed on our website.

Do you keep kits in stock?

We no longer keep kits in stock. All kits are cut to order.

Are all of your kits laser cut?

Yes, all of our kits are laser cut.

How long does it take to get my kit?

The usual turn around time is 5-7 weeks.

How does the ordering process work?

Within approximately five days of receiving your order, it will be processed and added to the laser queue. At this time a deposit will be charged to your credit card. The balance including the shipping charges will be charged when we ship your kit.

What if I decide to cancel my order?

We extend a courtesy period of 10 days. After ten days you may be subject to a cancellation fee. If the kit has already been cut you will forfeit your deposit.

What carrier do you use to ship kits?

We have ups pickup daily here at PCK. For all out of country shipments, we use USPS. (This is absolutely the cheapest method).