Welcome to Precision Cut Kits!

Welcome to Precision Cut Kits!

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Precision Cut Kits is a manufacturer of laser cut wood kits, parts and accessories for RC model aircraft. The company is a part of Solo Props, LLC.

Precision Cut Kits

My name is Patrick Wallace, I am the owner of the company. I have the distribution and copyrights to Custom Plans Service, Don Smith Plans, Jack Stafford Plans, Palmer Plans, Pro-Line Aerobatics (formerly known as Ohio RC), and Vintage R/C Plans. My company takes care of the plans, plastic parts, fiberglass parts and other types of accessories for these prominent brands.

In case your wish list does not include the above name, do not worry. At Precision Cut Kits, I also have for you wood kits and accessories for other major companies like Nick Ziroli, Jerry Bates, Wendell Hostetler, and many others.  Those companies plan sets are available direct from them.

Notice:  Please know that there are a number of illegal copies both printed and digital being sold and giving freely away in a number of places of our plans and parts.  Remember, if you didn't purchase it direct from Precision Cut Kits then you do not have an original Custom Plans Service, Don Smith Plans, Jack Stafford Plans, Palmer Plans, Pro-Line Aero or Vintage R/C Plans.  If you want to know if your plan set came from PCK then look for the seal.

Our kits will match our original plan sets.  We will not service anyone who uses a fraudulent copy of our plans or parts.  All of our plan sets are printed by a commercial printer assuring consistency and quality.  We are not responsible for matching our quality parts to an illegal copy of our plans.  We do ship world wide just drop us a email for help or order directly through our shop on our website.  Thank you.

My team is committed to providing quality work, and for all of us at Precision Cut Kits, good customer service is the first priority. The product catalog of my company has over 500 kits and accessories for you to choose from.

At Precision Cut Kits, my mission is to use the best materials to build the products, and make them available to you at competitive prices. I also provide a 30-day limited warranty on laser wood cut kits.

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I am looking forward to talking to you. So, contact me today!