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Don Smith – B-24J Liberator (146.6”) Landing Gear


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Due to the extensive range of landing we offer, some gear may take up to 30 days for shipping.

Our giant landing gear give you the option of adjusting the extension angle by loosing the set screw on the mechanism collar and moving the collar up or down. We used our 1/5 mechanism for the nose gear.

If you are going to purchase an air support system, you will need a large air system which will provide you with 22 cu inches of air. We will include an additional large air tank at no charge so you can increase the air volume to 22 cu inches of air.

Century Jet has expanded its options to include air and electric retract systems. Please select from the choices below to complete your retract system. Select the Deluxe 4 Way Valve for realistic air operations which provide the modeler infinite speed adjustments. All air standard and Deluxe 4 Way valves come with a life time warranty. If you elected to use electric retracts, you can upgrade to our Deluxe Controller which provides electronic door sequencer with selectable door open or door close modes when the gear are down plus 1 or 2 landing lights.

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Retract Options

Basic Electric Gear w/ Smart Controller, Basic Electric Version w/ Basic Controller, Basic Gear w/ Small Air System, Basic Gear w/ Small Air System & 4 Way Valve, Basic Gear w/o Air System, Basic Landing Gear w/o Air Support System, Electric Gear w/ Deluxe Controller & Door Sequencing, Electric Gear w/ Deluxe Controller w/ Door Seqencing & Landing Lights, Electric Retracts w/ Deluxe Controller & Door Sequencing, Electric Retracts w/ Deluxe Controller w/ Door Sequencing & Landing Lights, Retracts w/ Large Air System, Retracts w/ Large Air System & Deluxe 4 Way Valve, Tail Wheel Retract, Air, Tail Wheel Retract, Electric


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